Death Parade

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You died.
Yeah it sucks, but we all have to go sometime. So why not play a game? A game to determine the fate of your soul and push you to reveal the light and darkness of your soul. Why are you afraid then? You’re a good person after all, so let’s began!
Death Parade is a thrilling and mysterious anime that takes a unique perspective on the after-life and analyzes the human condition to its fullest. Its filled with interesting characters, murderers, lovers, and even a loli, so whats not to love!?! It may make you cry or laugh or yell, but it’s an enjoyable anime that asks the big question: Are you a good person? – CoinedKO, Dreadlife2u


Death Parade


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Heh! Get hype for the Onepunch-Man anime! Saitama is going to punch our excitement to the limit!


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