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God. That’s who the main character is. He’s God, but not the God of the real world. No, no, he’s the God of the gaming world! He’s the best at every game. No one can best him be it a strategy, a fighting or even a love love game. Everyone knows of his indisputable reputation, even demons. The demons have a problem; rogue demons(who only target female hearts) have escaped from Hell and who do they call to capture those demons? The God of Gaming, Keima Katsuragi!
–Obviously by Cookie.

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———–- Fall 2015 Anime Chart ———––

Fall 2015 Anime

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Anime Chart for September 2015 to November 2015 line-up!

Heh! Get hype for the Onepunch-Man anime! Saitama is going to punch our excitement to the limit!


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