Kodomo no Jikan

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An emotional anime that’s absolutely brilliant. The base of the story revolves around an elementary student who loves her teacher– a lot. It’s an awesome comedy and an awesome… ecchi? Nevertheless, this is NOT a pedophilia anime. Although the anime may seem a bit strange, remember: Never judge a book by it’s cover!
(Hehe, little girls… -Rooma.)
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AS I’ve said before, get absolutely hyped for Onepunch-Man! It’s out and it’s absolutely great!!! It’s held up to all expectations and might be a little bit better than our expectations! Please, if you haven’t seen it yet, do consider watching it! You won’t regret it~!!!

One more thing, the “episode 1” from a couple of weeks ago WAS NOT the first episode. That was simply the pre-air. That means it was kind of like a preview to show what the anime would look like and what it’d be about, kinda. The episode that came out today IS the true anime. Thanks for your understanding.

Please enjoy watching the anime.

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Heh! Get hype for the Onepunch-Man anime! Saitama is going to punch our excitement to the limit!


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